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We are a play based preschool program. Our teacher believes strongly in the proven academic and social success’ from allowing children to learn through play. Play-based preschools promote an authentic kind of learning by encouraging kids to become self-directed learners who explore, develop curiosity, and solve their own problems. 

Decades of research has shown that play is the most effective way for young children to learn, develop social skills and regulate their emotions. In our preschool we’ve created a space where play and imagination are encouraged. Centres, toys and activities are set up in an open space, allowing students to choose where and how they want to play. 

We believe the teachers most important role is to facilitate play. Our preschool uniquely presents role playing, open art activities, and dramatic centres that bolster our students imaginations, build their vocabularies, and enhance their social skills. 

At Gold Bar Preschool we value the importance of outdoor play. We are uniquely located by two playgrounds and are walking distance to a section of the Edmonton River Valley. From April until June we take our classroom outside (weather dependent). We are so fortunate to be able to explore the river valley and turn our preschool program into an outdoor focused adventure! 

Outdoor play is an important part of childhood. Its exciting to see children in their natural environment, exploring their surroundings, being curious about nature, and finding joy in seeing new things. When children play outside they increase their ability to balance, jump, climb, throw and run. Outdoor play supports children's problem solving skills and nurtures their creativity, as well as providing endless opportunities for developing imagination, inventiveness, and resourcefulness. 

Open House News:


Preschool Open House for the September 2020 school year is on March 17th, 2020 from 5pm-6:30pm.
Please stop by between this time with your child to see our wonderful class room and meet the teacher.

Email goldbarpreschoolparents@gmail.com

We will be postponing our open house until further notice. If you have any questions please email us at goldparpreschoolparents@gmail.com

Gold Bar Community League

Southeast Edmonton Early Childhood Community Coalition



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