Our Classroom


Our classroom is a hub of activity. Everyday we are busy bees and love to explore, practice our fine motor skills like cutting paper and writing our names. We love sensory exploration, our water table & sand table are huge hit. We love reading stories and letting our imaginations create unique adventures,

We have several field trips in the school year. We do a mix of both in-class and out of class events. Past field trips included Puppet tree house, Travelling Zoo, Capilano Library, Clay for Kids, and the Edmonton Zoo.

We also try to get outside as much as possible - outdoor learning opportunities are limited in the winter, but we do try to get outside to give our students fresh air and have a little winter fun. Once springtime comes, we tend to be outside much more! Our May/June curriculum is very nature based, we take the kids down to Gold Bar Park at every opportunity for outdoor and nature exploration. 

Gold Bar Community League

Southeast Edmonton Early Childhood Community Coalition



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